Hannah Stolze is an author, teacher, speaker, and academic with a focus on sustainable supply chain management and the intersection of faith and business.

Hannah's Purpose

Hannah Stolze is an academic in the field of global supply chain management and a recent Fulbright scholar to Indonesia. In a previous life, before becoming an academic, mom, and wife, she was a solider with occupational specialties in psychological operations, ordnance, and broadcast journalism. She is the daughter of missionaries who buried their first child in the mission field and moved home during a civil war. Hannah grew up in a paradox of blue-collar America with a global worldview. This inspired in her an insatiable work ethic and desire for wisdom and to have impact in the world.

More than anything else, she values authenticity, integrity, servanthood, valor, and mercy.

Hannah strives to live her life in a way that is consistent with her beliefs with the hope that wisdom guides her steps. She’s had plenty of mis-steps in her life, but Hannah found over the years that authenticity and integrity will outweigh mistakes along the way. She believes that when we serve others, everyone is blessed. Whereas, when we serve only ourselves, only one person gets ahead at the expense of others.

Her very favorite words in ancient Hebrew wisdom texts are chayil and hhesed. 

These two terms capture the best of everything you should learn and be as a soldier, a mom, and an academic. They mean valor and mercy – two things that Hannah aspires to every day. While they are unfamiliar terms in our everyday vocabulary, the word chayil was used in ancient war hymns to describe mighty men in battle and lady wisdom in her unattainable excellence. The word hhessed captures the English words mercy, kindness, and enduring love. At the end of her life, Hannah hopes that her work and relationships with others are defined by valor and kindness, might and mercy, excellence and enduring love.

Academic Work

Hannah is the inaugural William E. Crenshaw Chair in Supply Chain Management at Baylor University in the nationally ranked Hankamer School of Business.

Hannah is also the founding director of the Wheaton College Center for Faith & Innovation. Before her previous joint appointment as associate professor of supply chain management at Lipscomb University and Wheaton College, she was an assistant professor of supply chain management in the marketing department at Florida State University. 

She earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration at the University of Tennessee, where she specialized in logistics and marketing. Prior to that she earned an MBA at Lindenwood University and worked in packaging imports. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts from Carthage College with a dual major in International Political Economics, Mandarin, and a minor in Asian Studies. Her previous career was in the United States Army. She served in multiple capacities including, psychological operations, ordnance, and as a broadcast journalist in public affairs.

Academic Interests & Focus

Hannah conducts applied business research with a focus on sustainability (including environmental, economic, social and humanitarian impacts) and transformative impact. She has partnered with over 40 Fortune 500 firms on research projects and in data collection. Her work has been published in multiple academic journals including, the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Supply Chain Management, and the Journal of Business Logistics. 

She recently served as a Fulbright Scholar in Indonesia on a teaching grant where she lectured in undergraduate courses and taught graduate supply chain courses at Universitas Pelita. She also conducted seminars, workshops, consulted on curricular matters, and assisted with program and faculty development.


Stolze, Hannah J., Diane A. Mollenkopf, LaDonna Thornton, Michael J. Brusco & Daniel J. Flint (2018), “Supply Chain and Marketing Integration: Tension in Frontline Social Networks.” Journal of Supply Chain Management, Vol. 54 (3), 3-21. READ HERE

Stolze, H.J., Mollenkopf, D.A., & Flint, D. J. (2016) “What is the Right Supply Chain for Your Shopper? Exploring the Shopper Service Ecosystem.” Journal of Business Logistics,  37 (2), 185-197. Featured in Supply Chain Quarterly, Q3 2016 Issue. READ HERE

Stolze, H. J., Murfield, M., & Esper, T. (2015). “Antecedents to Bridging the Cross-Functional Divide: An Individual Network Perspective.” Journal of Business Logistics, 36 (1), 46-68. READ HERE


Wisdom, Faith, and Values Engagement

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Transformative Supply Chain Research

The Impact of ESG and Sustainability On Long-Term Profitability

Social Innovation

Hannah’s research and work with the Center for Faith & Innovation focus on exploring solutions to systemic social and environmental issues in support of social and economic progress.  

In 2019, Dr. Stolze became the director of the Wheaton Center for Faith & Innovation along with Co-Director Dr. Keith Johnson, and Managing Director, Ben Norquist.

The Center for Faith and Innovation helps Christians pursue their work in the marketplace as an act of discipleship to Jesus Christ.

Honors and Awards

Fulbright Scholar

Christian Business Faculty, Best Paper Award

Journal of Supply Chain Management, Best Paper of the Year Nomination

Media Appearances, Speaking Engagements, and Presentations

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