Integrate S2E7: What Does it Mean to Redeem Capitalism?

Season 1 explores leaders’ responses to the COVID-19 crisis.

Join Dr. Hannah Stolze and Dr. FT Chong as they speak with Dr. Ken Barnes about conducting business as a Christian in our capitalist economy. Dr. Barnes brings a unique insight on the morality of economics and applies them to the post-pandemic openings.

In 2020, FT Chong and Hannah Stolze launched a podcast exploring the integration of faith & innovation of practical everyday decision making.

Tune in to hear business leaders’ experiences, faith journeys, and how they navigate everyday decisions. These leaders are making an impact in their communities and in the Kingdom of God.

Let us know if you’d like to be a guest on our podcast!

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Industries Throughout History: Why Does Wisdom Make Clothes?

Consider this, the Noble Woman in Proverbs 31:10-31 is arguably Lady Wisdom personified as an entrepreneur in the marketplace. This noble woman who makes history as the exemplification of wisdom has a profitable business in the textile industry. She manufactures and sells sashes and garments.

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