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Hannah Stolze

is an author, teacher, speaker, and academic with a focus on sustainable supply chain management and the intersection of faith and business.

Exploring The Meaning Of Wisdom For Business

Get to know Hannah J. Stolze, a supply chain social ecologist, woman of faith, scholar, professor, and public speaker.

Wisdom-Based Business

Apply biblical principles for a purposeful and profitable business with Hannah's book, Wisdom-Based Business. Read the book, watch the companion course, get a faith audit, and take the self-assessment to see how you can integrate faith with business strategy.

Sustainable Supply Chain Orientation

See Hannah's research and insights into where demand and supply integrate and how to create profitable applications of sustainable management.

Women of Faith in the Marketplace

While women’s representation in the marketplace has steadily increased in recent years, women remain significantly underrepresented in leadership roles. See how Christian conviction, business acumen, and academic rigor can serve women of faith in the workplace.


Join a faith-led cohort, participate in Hannah's book club, or download a 12-week study guide to lead a discussion in your community about Wisdom-Based Business.

Publications and Presentations

Academic Contributions

Hannah is a well-researched and widely-cited academic. Her work has appeared in the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Operations Management, and the Journal of Supply Chain Management. She’s appeared on numerous news programs and has been a contributor on several podcasts.

Speaking Engagements

Hannah is a sought after speaker on the global supply chain crisis, transformative supply chain management, women of faith, and faith and business. She has presented workshops and keynote presentations on these topics to audiences across the globe.

"There are a lot of books written by successful Christian leaders about their journey in corporate leadership balancing faith & business. BUT there are NOT a lot of books that provide general business strategies for profitable faith & business integration."


Industries Throughout History: Why Does Wisdom Make Clothes?

Consider this, the Noble Woman in Proverbs 31:10-31 is arguably Lady Wisdom personified as an entrepreneur in the marketplace. This noble woman who makes history as the exemplification of wisdom has a profitable business in the textile industry. She manufactures and sells sashes and garments.

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