Wisdom-Based Business

Applying Scripture & Evidence-Based Research for Purposeful & Profitable Business

When thriving, business can be both purposeful and profitable, dynamic and gainful, commercial and rewarding. Doing good and doing well can be aligned with best business practices. Dr. Stolze’s framework for Wisdom-Based Business draws from ancient Wisdom literature and evidence-based business research to create a framework for business that is oriented towards excellence and sustainability.

Read more about this in Stolze’s forthcoming book: Wisdom-Based Business, to be published by Zondervan Academic/ Harper Collins Christian Publishing, in print April 2021.


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Research on Stakeholder Engagement
Stolze, Hannah J., Diane A. Mollenkopf, LaDonna Thornton, Michael J. Brusco & Daniel J. Flint (2018), “Supply Chain and Marketing Integration: Tension in Frontline Social Networks.” Journal of Supply Chain Management, Vol. 54 (3), 3-21.

Stolze, H.J., Mollenkopf, D.A., & Flint, D. J. (2016) “What is the Right Supply Chain for Your Shopper? Exploring the Shopper Service Ecosystem.” Journal of Business Logistics,  37 (2), 185-197. Featured in Supply Chain Quarterly, Q3 2016 Issue.

Stolze, H. J., Murfield, M., & Esper, T. (2015). “Antecedents to Bridging the Cross-Functional Divide: An Individual Network Perspective.” Journal of Business Logistics, 36 (1), 46-68.

Center for Faith & Innovation

In 2019, Dr. Stolze became the director of the Wheaton Center for Faith & Innovation along with Co-Director Dr. Keith Johnson, and Managing Director Ben Norquist.

The Center for Faith and Innovation helps Christians pursue their work in the marketplace as an act of discipleship to Jesus Christ.

Social Innovation.

Dr. Stolze’s research and work with the Center for Faith & Innovation focus on exploring solutions to systemic social and environmental issues in support of social and economic progress.

Wisdom is the key to discerning the paths to achieving progress.

About Hannah.

(PhD in Business, University
of Tennessee; MA in Biblical Studies, Wheaton

Hannah Stolze is a recent Fulbright Scholar in Indonesia, Director of CFI, & associate professor of marketing & SCM. A former member of the U.S. Army, Stolze served as a cultural analyst, operations specialist and journalist in psychological operations, ordnance, and public affairs, Stolze has gone on to conduct research with more than 40 companies in the areas of global supply chain management and social and environmental sustainability.

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