A Simple Theology of Business (or a theory of wisdom-based business)

3 thoughts on “A Simple Theology of Business (or a theory of wisdom-based business)”

  1. Interesting article, Dr. Stolze. I haven’t thought of Proverbs 31 in this way. You brought up some excellent points about Christian business practice. A few points stuck out to me. I liked what you said about reputation. I might even use the word “character” instead. S. Truett Cathy’s, when talking about his business, talks a lot about having customers as cheerleaders. I think this also ties in with quality orientation; taking responsibility to produce a product or service that is going to make the world a better place. If one is running a business with great character (which involves producing a great product) then customers are going to bend over backwards to buy his or her product.


  2. I really liked this article. The part that stood out to me the most was the part on reputation and how much reputation can mean in the business world. I have worked for a company the past 4 years that has a very good reputation. They apply Christian principles and morals as a foundation and use them from Day to day in business interactions. Other companies love doing business with us because they know what we stand for and they know we are going to take care of them and look out for their best interests. This gives us a great reputation and a great reputation brings more work and revenue. God has blessed this company because of their goals and morals and the way they conduct business. I can definitely see the correlation between Proverbs 31 and the business market.


  3. This was a good-thought provoking article. Your article reminds me of John Elkington’s view point the “Triple Bottom Line.” As a Christian and a business professional who is constantly studying/implementing best practices, it is amazing to me how the best practices tend to be Christian in nature.

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