Associate Professor of Marketing & SCM
Director of the Center for Faith & Innovation
Indonesia Fulbright Scholar, 2020

Hannah J. Stolze joined the Business & Economics faculty at Wheaton College in 2015.

Hannah is currently an associate professor of marketing & supply chain management and recently appoint director of the Center for Faith & Innovation. Before coming to Wheaton she was an assistant professor of supply chain management in the marketing department at Florida State University.

She earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration at the University of Tennessee, where she specialized in logistics and marketing. Prior to that she earned an MBA at Lindenwood University and worked in packaging imports. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts from Carthage College with a dual major in International Political Economics, Mandarin, and a minor in Asian Studies. Her previous career was in the United States Army. She served in multiple capacities including, psychological operations, ordnance, and as a broadcast journalist in public affairs.

Hannah conducts applied business research with a focus on sustainability (including environmental, economic, social and humanitarian impacts). She has partnered with over 40 Fortune 500 firms on research projects and in data collection. For a full over view of her research link to: curriculum vitae.

She is currently serving as a Fulbright Scholar in Indonesia on a teaching grant where she will guest lecture in undergraduate supply chain courses and teach graduate supply chain courses at UPH (Universitas Pelita Harapan). She will also conduct seminars, workshops, consult on curricular matters, and assist with program and faculty development.

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