Meet with, Create, or Join a Faith-Based Community Studying Faith and Workplace Integration


Meet with Hannah in a small group setting or create a study group to explore and study the principles of faith and purpose in the workplace.

Join A Cohort of Faith Led Professionals

This small curated group of 8-10 professionals meets quarterly to prioritize transforming their roles and companies into faith led organizations. Meet with other C-level executives for a full day of training lead by Hannah and designed to be a deep dive into the principles of creating and fostering a Wisdom Based Business. Groups will launch in the fall of 2022. Email if you’re interested in joining.

Join Hannah’s Book Club

Join this monthly book club led by Hannah Stolze where she’ll lead a discussion on one of the 12 chapters or a key concept from her book, Wisdom Based Business. If you are interested in joining, email us.

Lead Where You Are

Coming in 2023, download Hannah’s 12-week study guide and lead a discussion about Wisdom-Based Business in your community of faith-led professionals.