Where Demand And Supply Intercept

Supply Chain Management, Sustainability, Quality, and Long-term Orientation

A sustainable supply chain orientation is the strategic recognition of a company of the systemic, strategic implications of all the activities involved in managing the flows of products, information, and finances from raw material suppliers to the end-product retailer to the consumer and to the end of life. At a minimum, an optimized supply chain orientation will integrate demand and supply knowledge. A sustainable supply chain orientation will integrate demand and supply knowledge through the lens of social and environmental perspectives (with ESG criteria in mind).


Work with Hannah to solve your supply chain challenges. Conduct a transportation or inventory cost analysis, a supplier/customer value analysis, or a sustainable supply chain orientation assessment. Hannah and her team partner closely with clients to develop solutions based on research-based insights.


Engage Hannah in a single or series of workshops on a variety of supply chain topics including supply chain development and strategies, sales and operations planning, ESG strategies, and supplier/customer value assessments


Gain access to leading publications developed by Hannah in academic and industry outlets that includes research conducted across multiple industries and case studies.