Wisdom-Based Business: Pursuing Profitability to the Honor & Glory of God

This week, Kathi sits down with Hannah Stolze, author of the new book “Wisdom-Based Business: Applying Biblical Principles & Evidence-Based Research for Purposeful & Profitable Business,” to talk about what it means for us as Christians to have a profitable business. Oftentimes, we tend to feel a little uncomfortable with the idea of making a profit. We want to do the things we’re passionate about but shy away from the tough conversations about money. Hannah is here to explain the idea of “virtue of profit” and how profitability is addressed in the Bible.

Did you know that in the Bible, “margin” was actually the area of excess around a farmer’s field that was meant for the poor to come glean from? Hannah relates this to the modern-day idea of profit, and explains how our profit provides us with the means to doing great things for the Kingdom of Heaven. Listen in as Hannah and Kathi talk about the difficult things like:

  • Having your business be a blessing from product to profit
  • Removing shame around profitability that is gained in a Godly way
  • Planning your margin so you can invest in more

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